Here at mounting knowledge I aim to provide you with lots of knowledge about the horse and rider and the bond that unites them.  My goal is to build good horse people not just good riders. My lessons will be multi faceted and include knowledge in groundwork, grooming, tacking, riding, jumping, dressage, eventing, poles, trust building, anatomy, equipment, safety, and showing, etc.
 Each client will be evaluated to see which level they enter at. Before moving up the levels, each rider must pass an evaluation. A goal sheet will be filled out during the evaluation to make a training program tailored to what you want to learn! Once a rider has passed the canter level they must then lease or buy their own horse to continue training.
 I believe there is always more to learn which is why here at mounting knowledge you will always be asked, "What did you learn today?".

Lessons are one hour start to finish. There is no guaranteed amount of riding time per lesson. Custom lesson packages can always be arranged. 

If you lease or own a horse lessons are $30



  • 1 lesson/week



  • 2 lessons/week



  • 3 lessons/week

Mini Lesson - $30

Kids ages 4-6 
These are the perfect way for young kids to get introduced to the sport of horseback riding as well as jump start their physical and mental development! They will discover the joy of riding while creating they a bond with the horses, fostering empathy and responsibility. Additionally, riding enhances balance, coordination, and muscle strength in a fun and engaging manner. Mini lessons are 30 minutes long. 


Mounting Knowledge believes it all begins on the ground. I focus heavily on beginning with groundwork as the work done on the ground directly translates to the work done in the saddle. My first goal is to establish a bond between horse and rider as this is vital in accomplishing your goals. I can work with horses of all ages and breeds doing everything from a simple tune, fixing an issue, getting and keeping your horse in shape, starting your horse under saddle, and more. I can customize a package to fit your specific needs. Contact me for more details. 



  • 1 session/week



  • 3 sessions/week



  • 5 sessions/week

Payments are due by the 1st of the month for that month's services

Cancelations require at least a 24 hour notice otherwise the session is forfeited 


Mounting Knowledge offers training/help at shows as well! Wether its on your horse or a lesson horse I will be there for whatever you need. From trailering to grooming to showing and much more!

  • Trailering $1.50/mile
    • $50 minimum
  • Show fee $125/day
    • Away shows require hotel and 2 meals/day
  • Grooming $30/day
  • Braiding $40 mane and $30 tail