Leasing allows riders to have rides on a horse without the instructor present. This is a good way for riders to experiment and learn more about them and their horse. This also allows for extra bonding time between horse and rider which leads to much happier horses! During lease days you can do whatever you please with your horse within reason. Jumping is not allowed outside of lessons and we ask that you don't ride more than an hour each time or work the horse excessively hard. Lessons are required if you lease an MKEQ horse but the amount depends on the horse. 

Half lease $350 3 days a week
Full lease $500 5 days a week

Horses available for lease


3 year old mustang pony. Best suited for advanced beginners or intermediate riders due to his age. He stands at only 14.1 hands but has the biggest personality! He is a ton of fun and knows basic dressage and has started doing pole work!


42" pony estimated to be in his 20's. Kricket is a phenomenal kids horse, he stands like a rock while being brushed or loved on. He has 3 solid gaits and is very responsive making him a great pony to learn on!

Sale horses coming soon!