Kotton Kandy

Kandy is a 22-year-old quarter horse that was rescued from a kill pen and now enjoys getting loved on by everyone. She is as close to bombproof as you can get! She teaches lessons from beginner to intermediate and adores little kids! She would stand all day to get brushed and pet if she could!! She might be the friendliest horse you'll ever meet!

Meant To Be

Kizmit is a 3-year-old mustang who was born after his mom was a part of a herd reduction on the Onaqui mountains. Don't let his age fool you he is a very well behaved youngster! He absolutely loves kids and is now giving advanced beginner to intermediate lessons. He is also used for the camp favorite activity of painting a pony! Kizmit is available for half or full lease!

Follow My Lead

Kaptain is a 12-year-old OTTB who is very been there done that. He makes quite a good hunter as well as jumper! He has show experience in both rings up to 2’6”. He has a lot more whoa than go and is extremely patient. He is available for intermediate lesson students ready to work on more advanced skills or learn how to jump!


Kricket is a very small pony who stands just about 42 inches! He came from a neglect situation where his feet weren't trimmed for over a year! We brought him home and got his feet trimmed right away and quickly discovered this little guy is very well trained. Kricket loves kids and is available for beginner or intermediate lessons with small kids. He is also available for pony rides and birthday parties!

Kerwins Cadence

Kerwin is a 11 year old Clydesdale/Thoroughbred who used to compete in eventing at novice and jumped up to 4ft at home! He has been loved by Maddy Davis since he was just 2 years old. He recently got diagnosed with a condition called kissing spine causing too much pain in his back to be ridden. He now enjoys being the boss of his pasture and getting as many treats from everyone as possible! 

In greener pastures...


Kabob is a mule that taught everyone the meaning of true patience and trust. It took a while to earn his trust but once you got it, he was the sweetest most adorable mule ever. He was very food motivated and never let you forget to give him his treats!! He got diagnosed with cancer and once his symptoms became more severe we made the decision to put him down. I hope he's eating all the food he can find up there!


KB is a standardbred who was rescued from a kill pen. He used to be used for harness racing and enjoyed doing arena work and jumping before we discovered he had cancer. We made the decision to put him down before the cancer got too far along. This horse was all heart and did anything you asked of him! I used to say he would walk through fire if I asked him too. I bet he's dominating any cross country course he comes across up there!!

KB Hercules

Karat is a standardbred who was rescued from a kill pen. He had competed in harness racing in Canada for most of his life and won lots of money doing what he loved! He was skin and bones when I got him and unfortunately suffered a debilitating injury that cost him his life. He won the hearts of many in his 3 short months with us and will never be forgotten! Go win all the races up there Karat!